iTero Element 2 Scanner

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Your Intuitive Digital Solution in Woodland Hills

Our Woodland Hills dental practice is excited to introduce The iTero Intraoral Scanner!  A major advancement in digital scanning technology, to keep you more comfortable and have a more efficient way to take impressions of your teeth.
The iTero Intraoral Scanner can be used for crowns, implants, diagnostic study models, and all Invisalign procedures.

*Next Generation Processor

Reduced scan processing and faster start-up, we can perform a full arch scan in as little as 60 seconds. 

*Uninterrupted Scanning

Long lasting, rechargeable battery provides a more efficient scan for your upper arch to your lower arch in minimal time.

*Stunning Color Imaging

As the patient, the enhanced color offers a more thorough look at your complete oral health to include not only your teeth but your gums too.  

*High-Definition Visuals

A sleek and slim 21.5" monitor, 16:9 widescreen viewing format, and improved resolution for highly detailed images, shows you clearly, all your before and after images for highly detailed images. This will help to visualize how our procedures can benefit you before the process. This is especially exciting with Invisalign as all aspects of your tooth movement can be visualized with the 3D processing of iTero.

*Universal Precaution Wand

Our scanning wand comes with one time use tips to make your scanning experience safe and effective.
The larger camera head allows for optimal scanning optics.

*Smarter Scanning

The improved wand touchpad is as intuitive as gesturing on your smartphone; we can use the touchpad to switch between scanning segments or rotate the model on the screen to allow you to easily understand all of your treatment options.

The iTero scanner is not only an impression matching machine, but with TimeLapse, it will show you your progression in real time and so much more! 

Visualization is an important driver to allow you to understand your proposed treatment.
Seeing is BELIEVING!

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