Crown Lengthening

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Get the Smile You've Always Wanted with Crown Lengthening in Woodland Hills

 This is a procedure that is performed to enhance the length of one's teeth and gum tissue.  Often times Dr. Hilton involves a periodontal specialist to assist him in this type of cosmetic rehabilitation.  Please look at our smile gallery to see where this technique has been quite useful to create a more radiant smile.


Would you Like a Consultation to Discuss Crown Lengthening?

Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hilton, provides crown lengthening for patients wanting to alter the appearance of their smile. Dr. Hilton is a board-certified sedation dentist and offers several options to provide patients with a worry-free, comfortable dental experience. If you would like to request a consultation to discuss crown lengthening, please contact us.

Healthy Smiles

What does your smile say about you? Let us help you radiate confidence with a healthy smile.



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