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Quality Dental Care near Los Angeles, CA by Dan P. Hilton, D.D.S.

Dr. Dan P. Hilton and his team welcome you to their Woodland Hills, CA, dental office. We are proud to serve patients with varying needs, from those who are looking for a local dentist to provide routine check-ups, to patients interested in cosmetic treatment or advanced restorations. We are dedicated to providing dental care that meets your goals for better health, function, and aesthetics.

Advanced Dental Care for All Patients

When you visit our office, you are treated to some of the most comfortable and beneficial procedures that modern dentistry has made available to patients.
From using Dental Ultrasonics, for highly comfortable soft tissue treatment, to efficient and high-tech devices that correct obstructive Sleep Apnea. We are here to ensure that your procedure is gentle and makes it possible for you to achieve the smile you’ve always wanted.

Patients who are highly anxious can benefit from sleep dentistry that includes IV sedation through our certified professionals, Dr. Dan P. Hilton and Dr. Pariksha Gunnala. Whether you’re looking for a life-like cosmetic dental restoration or you’ve been avoiding the dentist for years and need soothing care, our dental office provides solutions that meet your needs.

Comprehensive Restorations

To support a strong and attractive smile, all components – including soft tissue, bone density, and jaw function – must be healthy and working as intended. For many patients, however, accidental damage, tooth decay, and issues related to bite imbalance can create obstacles for ideal oral health.

Woodland Hills dentist, Dr. Dan P. Hilton, offers patients a full menu of restorative treatments to correct these common and problematic dental health concerns. For patients with missing teeth and issues related to bone depletion,Dr. Hilton, Dr. Gunnala and their surgical team offers placement of dental implants. Not only will your new teeth be as strong as possible, implant placement ensures jaw structure is preserved and bone density is maintained. Our office can also treat patients experiencing issues with facial pain and discomfort in routine jaw function through TMJ disorder therapy. From correcting damage to a singular tooth, to providing relief of holistic dental problems, Dr. Hilton and Dr. Gunnala create overall healthier smiles.

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To learn more about our diverse dental services, we encourage you to browse our website. When you’re ready to schedule an appointment, contact our Woodland Hills, CA dental office at (818) 347-3971 to speak to a member of our team. We look forward to serving you!


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