Headache Avoidance Checklist

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Headache Avoidance Checklist - Woodland Hills Dental Practice

Woodland Hills Dental Practice - TMJ and Sleep Apnea Dentist - Dr. Dan P. Hilton

1. Diet Instructions(e.g., do not miss meals)-hypoglycemia triggers migraine and ETTH.

2. Wear sunglasses outside-bright light simulation triggers migraine.

3. Icepacks applied where the headache hurts-cooling decreases pain and nerve activity.

4. Posture Awareness-watch your neck posture so that your cervical spine is in a neutral position.

5. Ergonomic changes to your workplace-it is important to raise the level of your desk so your neck is not as flexed; use a speaker phone and avoid bending your neck when using the telephone.

6. Daily stretching of your neck muscles-every two hours perform neck stretching exercises to reduce pain fiber activity and tension in your neck.

7. Alcohol, tobacco and caffeine avoidance or moderation-these drugs can trigger headaches; however if you are a daily user of these agents abrupt cessation of these drugs can trigger a withdrawal headache, so in this case moderation of drug use is appropriate.

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