ISOLITE Aerosol Protection

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Our entire focus from this COVID-19 Pandemic experience is to find techniques to improve the efficacy in the safety and protection of you, the dental patient, our wonderful staff, as well as us, the doctors.

We have been using the Isolite evacuation system for years in our practice for all of our sedation procedures.  Now with the recent health changes in our world, we are being proactive in promoting the use of our "favorite" isolation system for all of our procedures.  It is very comfortable and relaxing for you, as the dental patient, to help stabilize your jaw and let the Isolite 3 evacuation system do all the work while we are performing our absolute best dental care for you.  We reduce all airborne particles, including bacteria, viruses, blood, and saliva to make your dental appointment efficient and absolutely safe.

When compared to other dental isolation procedures, like the rubber dam isolation technique used often in root canal procedures, we find the Isolite 3 evacuation system to be very efficient.  The everyday use of this aerosol minimization product is another great addition to our safety protocol.

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