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Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry in Woodland Hills

Dr. Hilton incorporates diode dental laser technology into periodontal treatments to help patients enjoy healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smiles. With the advancements offered by laser dentistry, procedures can be completed in less time and provide for optimized results. Through laser dentistry in Woodland Hills, Dr. Hilton’s patients benefit from worry-free soft tissue procedures.

Comfortable, Efficient Treatment with Dental Lasers

Our Pioneer Elite soft tissue dental laser ensures that patients have a positive treatment experience at our office. While some patients may have considered soft tissue therapy, such as periodontal deep cleanings, to be intimidating, laser dentistry makes gum therapy comfortable, efficient, and improves overall patient satisfaction. Dr. Hilton utilizes laser therapy for the following procedures:

Root Scaling and Planing – When periodontal disease has created pockets of plaque and bacteria between teeth and gums, comprehensive care is needed to limit and reverse damage. Traditional root scaling and planing involves cleaning gum pockets with dental picks, but a dental laser can clean periodontal pockets in a manner that is gentler and more effective. Dr. Hilton can use his soft tissue dental laser to thoroughly clean periodontal pockets, sterilize treatment area, and prevent re-accumulation of bacteria and debris.

Gum Contouring – In the event that your smile exhibits a lack of balance between soft tissue and dental enamel (a gummy smile), Dr. Hilton can also utilize a soft tissue dental laser to shape gum tissue and reveal a more appealing smile. Gum contouring with a laser does not include the use of traditional cutting instruments, so you can benefit from minimally invasive treatment.

Laser dentistry makes treating gum disease and receiving cosmetic gum re-contouring easier for patients and allows Dr. Hilton to provide more precise care. Lasers pin-point and target treatment areas in a way that standard tools cannot, providing for best possible results. Woodland Hills Laser Dentistry

Additional Benefits of Laser Dentistry

Not only are lasers precise in treating targeted areas of your smile, but lasers also provide for faster post-treatment healing. Lasers cauterize and seal as they move across soft tissue, which reduces the change of bleeding and encourages better self-healing. Because of this cauterizing effect, lasers also make procedures far more comfortable, to the point that many patients do not require a local anesthetic before their treatment begins.

Our laser is specially created to treat only soft tissue, and does not negatively affect dental enamel or underlying bone. With laser dentistry in Woodland Hills from Dr. Hilton, patients can feel confident knowing that their visit will help them achieve better health and will be virtually pain-free.  

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