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Full Mouth Restorations in Woodland Hills by Dan P. Hilton, D.D.S.

This category involves dental rehabilitations where all teeth are involved.  Usually a change in one's facial height (vertical dimension) and facial fullness (profile) has occurred.  The shape, color, and length of one's teeth can be idealized to provide esthetics and function of ideal parameters.

Questions? Would you Like a Consultation to Discuss Full Mouth Rehabilitation? 

Our Woodland Hills cosmetic dentist, Dr. Hilton, is a board-certified IV sedation dentist in Woodland Hills that provides a comprehensive full-mouth rehabilitation service. You can completely change the look of your smile in a comfortable, stress-free environment. Please contact us or request an appointment online if you would like to start building your unique treatment plan.


We combine experience with the latest in dental technology to deliver the best patient experience possible.



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